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WEIDALINE HDPE subsoil drainage pipes are used to remove excessive water from soil in architectural, sewage and irrigation applications or to divert water for plants in agriculture. Subsoil drainage networks can;

> Increases the stability of the ground

> Reduces building foundation movements due to the variations in the soil moisture content

> Increases soil strength

> Protect property from water damage


WEIDALINE HDPE subsoil drainage pipes are flexible, corrugated pipes which are available in perforated or non-perforated options. Perforated pipes, usually laid over wide fields to collect and drain away surface water, are joined using HDPE couplers, wyes and cross fittings to form a subsoil drainage network. They are commonly installed within a geotextile envelope of filtering media like sand or gravel.



> Golf courses

> Retaining structures

> Airport runways

> Road edge drainage

> Sports fields

> Landfills

> Parks

> Sludge drying beds

> Storage yards

> Agriculture


Product Features

STRONG & TOUGH – Due to its corrugated profile wall design, WEIDALINE subsoil pipes has high strength in ring and bending stiffness with excellent long term load bearing capabilities. Able to withstand trafficked vehicle loads and burial depths of 20m depending on soil backfill conditions

FLEXIBLE – Able to bend and conform to soil conditions without fracture failure

CORROSION RESISTANT – HDPE requires no protective painting maintenance against rusting

UV RESISTANT – The HDPE material WEIDALINE subsoil pipes contains carbon black additives which are excellent UV retardants for outdoor exposure

LIGHTWEIGHT – HDPE products are inherently light and eases transportation, handling and installation

CHEMICAL RESISTANT – HDPE, being an inert material, can resist the extremes of pH in soil, sewage and wastewater without degradation

ABRASION RESISTANT – HDPE resists abrasion better than conventional material like concrete and steel which can pit and rust. As a result, WEIDALINE subsoil pipes (double-wall type) can ensure good, long-term flow characteristics

FAST INSTALLATION – WEIDALINE subsoil pipes are available in long lengths which requires fewer joints, which makes installation fast


Product Range

Single Wall Subsoil Pipe

Available in coils of 50m / 100m


Double Wall Subsoil Pipe

Available in straight lengths of 6m / 5.8m

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