• Reliable, Durable, Corrugated wall & Leak proof
  • Lightweight – easy handling (transportation & installation)
  • Maintenance Free – no painting & anti-corrosive
  • Multiple tanks can be installed to increase capacity requirements
  • One piece moulded – no joining or bolt & nuts
  • Won’t rot or peel
  • 100% non sunlight UV penetration
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POLYSTOR are premium quality polyethylene tanks produced with the latest rotational molding technology to meet a wide range of water and chemical storage requirements and applications. Available in various sizes and capacities to meet the requirements for various applications, multiple tank systems can be configured and installed to meet any storage capacity requirements. WEIDA provides comprehensive technical services to customers in the planning, design and construction of tank systems

» Public water supply
» Housing and condominiums
» Resorts, hotels
» Commercial buildings (complexes, shops, offices)
» Schools, hospitals, army camps
» Industrial applications (factories and plants)
» Plantations, logging camps, farms
» Aquaculture
» Strong and durable – seamless and leak-proof one piece construction
» Lightweight for easy handling and installation
» Hygienic and Food/Potable water compliant
» Meets standards of US Food and Drug Administration, SISIR and SIRIM
» Maintenance free – no painting required and corrosion free
» Chemical resistant
» UV resistant
» Extensive range available
» Modular installation system to meet high capacity requirements
» Complete range of accessories available
» High standards and reliability SISIR
» Approved by SIRIM to Malaysian standards MS1225:1991
» Product Approval Certification from SPAN(Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara)
» Comprehensive technical support.
» Quality assurance and warranty
Classification Shape Capacity
Standard small-sized tanks Cylindrical, Taper, Rectangular, Square, Oval 600 gallons and below
Standard medium-sized tanks Cylindrical 900 to 2000 gallons
Standard large-sized tank Cylindrical 3000 to 15,000 gallons