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High Tensile Barbed Wire/Kawat Duri

High Tensile Barbed Wire/Kawat Duri


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High Tensile Barbed Wire/Kawat Duri

Superior Strength for Security and Durability

High Tensile Barbed Wire/Kawat Duri Introduction

When it comes to securing your property, high tensile barbed wire is an essential choice. This robust fencing material combines strength, longevity, and ease of handling. In this article, we’ll explore the features, benefits, and potential applications of this remarkable product.

High Tensile Barbed Wire/Kawat Duri Features and Benefits

  1. Superior Strength: Our high tensile barbed wire boasts an impressive tensile strength of over 1,000 MPa. This means it can withstand significant pressure without breaking or sagging, making it ideal for high-security areas.

  2. Heavy Galvanized Coating: The wire is treated with a Class 3 zinc coating, providing exceptional corrosion resistance. This coating ensures longevity, even in harsh climates.

  3. Low Maintenance: Thanks to its durability, this wire requires minimal upkeep. Say goodbye to frequent replacements and repairs.

  4. Less Pre-Stretching Required: Unlike standard barbed wire, our high tensile variant needs less pre-stretching during installation. This saves time and effort.

  5. Reduced Sagging: The combination of high tensile strength and proper installation results in minimal sagging over long distances.

High Tensile Barbed Wire/Kawat Duri Specification:

    • MATERIAL : heavy galvanise high tensile wire

    • TENSILE STRENGTH : > 1,000 MPa

    • LENGTH : 500 Meter

    • Diameter : 1.6 mm +-

High Tensile Barbed Wire/Kawat Duri Applications

  • Perimeter Security: Use it to secure your property boundaries, preventing unauthorized access.

  • Livestock Fencing: Keep your livestock safe by creating sturdy enclosures.

  • Industrial Sites: Protect warehouses, factories, and construction sites from intruders.

  • Agricultural Areas: Safeguard crops and equipment from theft or damage.

  • Military Installations: High tensile barbed wire is a staple in military and defense applications.



  • Always wear safety equipment like protective clothing, thick boots, gloves, and eye covering.

  • Work with a partner who also has protective equipment.

Proper Tools

  • Use high-quality tools such as a post hole digger, tamping bar, shovel, fence pliers, hammers, fence stretcher, and wire grip.


  • Good bracing is key to a sturdy fence.

  • Adjust the number of braces based on the terrain.


  • Choose posts based on your project needs.

  • Posts can be metal or wood and should be about a foot taller than your top wire.


  • The spacing between posts depends on the type of wire and if you plan to use stays.

  • For high tensile barbed wire with stays, posts can be 30 feet apart. For low carbon wire, posts should be 12 to 15 feet apart.


  • The fence should be tight enough to stay straight between posts but not so tight that it vibrates when struck.


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