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Expanded Metal Sheet

Expanded Metal Sheet


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What is Expanded Metal?

Expanded metal is manufactured from a single sheet of metal by expansion process. In the process, the metal sheet is sheared and stretched to form a uniform diamond-patterned mesh which results in double bonds formation where the rows of strand converge at the apex of each diamond, technically called ‘knuckles’. This expanded metal is conformed to BS 405 and JIS G3351.

Expanded metal is a very versatile and exciting product. New applications continue to be discovered for its use every day in industry, offices and home.

Product benefits

– Light, durable and strong as mild-steel sheeting.
– There are no welds or joints and can operate as structural member that distributes loads evenly over wider areas.
– High strength-to-weight ratio makes it technically applicable in many engineering and ornamental applications.
– Fire resistant, vermin proof and provides anti-slip surface for ramps, catwalks and stair reads.
– Good visibility and easy passage of air, heat, light and sound while ensuring security and protection.
– Good conductor to electricity, magnetic flux and heat through jointless continuity of materials.
– Good for electromagnetic screening and driveway heating.
– Anti-corrosive when hot-dipped galvanised or powder-coated.


2 Types of Expanded Metals

Produced by slitting steel plate or sheet and stretching the strands so formed at right angles to the plane of the steel plate or sheet so as to form a network of diamond shaped holes.

Fields of Application
– Enclosure
– Protection
– Containing
– Support
– Decoration
– Reinforcement
– Filtration

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